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An increasing number of employees are feeling burned out, left out or powerless!
You can change that!

Learn Ways to Create Communication Magic For A Thriving Company Culture

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Increasing demands make it difficult for team members at every level

How can an individual turn challenges into opportunities?

How can your team leverage its strengths to convert challenges into opportunities?

Recognize The Challenges In Time

Some of the fundamental challenges people face can be harnessed to create amazing opportunities for growth and engagement

Challenges with Participation

Cues: Poor attendance, tardiness, lack of focus, difficulty completing assignments

A Strengths-based approach provides clear language that focuses on appreciating and valuing each person’s contribution, big or small.

Opportunities to bring out the best in yourself and others increases a sense of psychological safety and greater participation.

Challenges with Trust

Cues: Unresolved conflict, friction, poor communication, lack of security & psychological safety, people get defensive, people are afraid to speak up & share their best ideas

A Strengths-based coaching culture gives teams the language and tools to communicate openly, honestly & respectfully. It also helps those individuals focus on their natural talents and provide genuine support.

Leading with Strengths cultivates trust with direct, caring and clear communication.

Challenges with Creativity

Cues: No inspiration, lack of initiative, impatience, low morale, narrow mindedness, burnout, my way or the highway mentality

When leaders & managers focus on their own natural Strengths & those of their diverse teams they unlock unlimited creativity to optimize problem solving.

That leads to a natural flow of amazing new ideas, innovation and resourcefulness.

Challenges with Core Values & Purpose

Cues: Low commitment to outcomes, no personal accountability, lack of purposeful feedback, poor relationships, consistently missed deadlines, unclear expectations

By combining Gallup Clifton Strengths and the highly effective XChange Approach, we help teams co-create a clear purpose and powerful shared values. This gives teams the ability to adapt to rapid change, communicate & collaborate for successful outcomes.

"We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to?"

- Brene Brown

How Think Cool Coaching Helps

We help you create a thriving company culture to successfully navigate today's major team challenges using Strengths-based communication magic.

Strengths-Based Learning

We provide you with practical strengths-based experiences, skills & tools to unlock your company’s diverse treasure trove of wisdom, unique talents and potential to thrive on every level.

Communication Magic

We use the XChange Approach to design & choreograph interactions to elevate purpose, participation & performance

Strengths-Based Coaching

We guide you through the process every step of the way

Clifton Strengths Based Life Design

For individuals who are looking for more fulfillment from their work and their life

When you ask yourself “what matters most right now?”, how important is your sense of wellbeing to you?

What might thriving look like for you in any one of these elements?

We invite you to reflect on the elements of Career, Social, Financial, Physical and Community Wellbeing in your life!


Wellbeing that is strong, consistent and progressing in a particular element.


Wellbeing that is moderate or inconsistent in a particular element.


Wellbeing that is very low and at high risk in a particular element.

Clifton Strengths Based Team Building

increase trust

For team leaders who truly care about their teams and want to retain them

One of the first steps to begin figuring out ways to elevate your team’s performance and ingenuity is to discover their natural diverse Strengths and the ways you can leverage them for individual and team success!

Get a complimentary copy of The Best of Us Team Canvas and start getting to really know your team.

*Your info is safe with us, we will NOT share it with any 3rd parties.

Think Cool Coaching Expertise

We stay up to date on the latest, proven coaching methodologies.

Gallup, Inc.

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

World Business & Executive Coach Summit

Narrative Coach Enhanced Practitioner

International Coaching Federation

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Academy of Coaching Excellence

Accelerating Coach Excellence (ACE)

Eckerd College

Conflict Dynamics Profile®


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High Conflict Institute with Bill Eddy

Workplace Conflict Intervention Coaching Skills

Success Stories

Here are some examples of the kinds of results you can expect to achieve through our coaching programs to create communication magic.

The first words I think of to describe Marcia are creative, helpful, and collaborative.

Marcia helped to clarify the team’s needs and to develop and implement solutions to help the team improve communications and their ability to manage conflict and stress. Marcia’s personable style helped to create an engaging learning environment for the team.

Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson

Senior Manager, Global Talent Management at KARL STORZ

Marcia administered the Conflict Dynamics Profile Instrument to my wife and me, then coached us individually according to our assessments.

Her approach, use of the tools, and mentorship provided us with insights in a succinct and practical manner. She ties healthy responses to individual conflict styles that result in better communication and growth between people and teams. Marcia and her work have been indispensable to shaping the throughputs of my start-up non-profit aimed at serving families of veterans in crisis.

Noel Lipana

Noel Lipana, DSW

Adjunct Professor at University of Kentucky

I have worked for Marcia in providing a mediation training, and Marcia has worked for me in developing workplace trainings dealing with high conflict situations and personalities.

She has been a joy to work with: very encouraging, hard working and constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to help me get my message across. She is well-organized and liked by all who she deals with. I would recommend her as a conflict coach, consultant and as a trainer.

Bill Eddy

Bill Eddy

Co-Founder & CINO, High Conflict Institute

Featured Clients

Here are some of the companies we've worked with to help with employee engagement.

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Marcia Haber Think Cool Coaching

If you knew back then what you know now, what would you do differently?

If you can relate to this question, you may be curious to learn new ways of fulfilling what is important to you.

When our clients experience a loss of confidence, creativity, power or genuine self-expression, it is often the question I ask that opens up new ways of thinking about the circumstances at the heart of the challenges.

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now."
- Goethe

Creating environments that inspire leaders & managers to expand their influence within their teams requires new approaches to communication, adaptation and collaboration.

It’s people who make organizations successful and when given opportunities to be heard, to learn, contribute and be a part of fulfilling an important mission, people will give their best.

Every client has unique struggles that they want to successfully navigate.

My 30 years of experience allow me to be an effective guide as each client learns new ways to adjust their actions to overcome those struggles.

Individuals and teams prosper by leveraging their natural Strengths and unlocking their collective wisdom to fulfill their most challenging goals.

Our clients report successes in all areas of their lives!

We invite you to connect with us to discover what could be your next step forward in fulfillment of what matters to you.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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*Your info is safe with us, we will NOT share it with any 3rd parties.