Lead With Your Strengths

Your Natural Building Blocks For Wellbeing and Success

Where Do I Begin?

Do the demands of your day outweigh your inner resources?

We can help restore and replenish your drive and energy.

Key Benefits

  • Rediscover your sense of purpose in your career
  • Simple science based HeartMath and Conscious Leadership techniques that help you shift from reactivity to creativity
  • Recognize your unique CliftonStrengths to reveal effective choices for fulfilling what matters to you

Stressors and Conflict Dynamics

How do the stressors in life impact your interactions?

We help you to build your confidence to communicate.

Key Benefits

  • Identify steps to shift from states of reactivity to creativity
  • Leverage your CliftonStrengths to neutralize stressors
  • Practices to reduce persistent workplace conflicts

Working Well With Others

What actually gets accomplished in your meetings?

We help you to express your ideas and collaborate with others.

Key Benefits

  • Ask appreciative questions to engage with others and unlock collective wisdom
  • Recognize creative tensions and apply trust building communication strategies
  • Expand information sharing and Interest based negotiation techniques

Increase Your Influence

Are you having a positive or negative influence on others?

We help you to open your mind and heart to new perspectives.

Key Benefits

  • Have clarity of what you truly want, need and aspire to change and why it is important to you.
  • Get curious, listen and gather new information to better understand the issues beyond your interpretation.
  • Connect with others to give and receive meaningful feedback.